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Sri Lanka Visa – How To Get?

Travelers know how difficult it is to get a visa to enter some countries. But it turns out that getting a tourist visa for Sri Lanka is quite easy compared to any other country. And it is very efficient! This is all about how to get your tourist visa to travel in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is the island haven and the best known for the Buddhist culture in core and all other religions. Travelers who come to this country have plenty of questions on how to get a visa for visiting this dream travel destination. The process of obtaining a valid visa is as simple as ordering something online but with maximum scrutiny.

Sri Lanka is a very religious, historical, and spiritual country. That’s why it always attracts tourists from all around the world. For tourists, anyone who wants to visit Sri Lanka has to get an electronic document authentication for traveling. 

For some tourists, there are some requirements where they have to apply for a visa beforehand. The rest will have to get a standard pre-approved electronic document, which can also be said as an arrival visa.

The most crucial point involved in this can be stated to as whom so ever it may concern must hold a valid passport of 6 months active to enter the country.

In the case of the pre-approved travelers, it is mandatory to carry the printed copy of the confirmation receipt and avoid unwanted chaos with the immigration officials.

Mean-while Sri Lankan government is planning to attract the tourists to its nation back, which was lost because of terrorism, COVID-19, and natural calamity causes. 

In recent announcements made by the government, India, China, Maldives, Seychelles, travelers are allowed to get an on arrival visa to Sri Lanka without paying any additional charges. It’s all because of the same conditions apply in the respective countries for Sri Lankan citizens too.

When speaking about the visa cost to Sri Lanka, it will be from $35 to allow staying in the country per single time entry. The tourism Visa will be enabling you up to a maximum of 2-time entries. The stand-alone cost for the business class passengers and those applying for visas as businessmen who want to do trade will be falling under the visa cost of $40.

The credit card payments are accepted in united states dollars and British Pounds. The standard fees for the rest of the world will be $30 for obtaining a visa. There is a particular concession made by the government of Sri Lanka for the member countries of the SAARC summit council. The fees for SAARC countries will be united states dollars $15. For Maldives and Singaporeans, fees are waived off. This is because of the understanding between these countries.

The government also said that they are considering giving some more concessions to the SAARC countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, the Maldives for the stay in the country.
Tourists coming from the Republic of Singapore & Maldives who come to visit Sri Lanka to a short trip visit up to 30 days are exempt from ETA. (electronic travel authentication).

It won’t take even 10 minutes to apply for a Sri Lanka Electronic Authentication. Or you can just fill out the application through the corresponding website to finish the form online.And the process is easy, quick, and straightforward. The above said on arrival visa conditions may be made as to the faster process by paying $5 extra at the Colombo Entry. Still, the availability of having an Electronic arrival document is mandatory.

As all around the country, in Sri Lanka, some scammers deceive the travelers who will help to apply for the visa with additional charges. They ask to pay more for extending the period of stay in the country. It is always best to avoid them at the earliest. Because we have all details available on the Sri Lankan embassy web page explaining how to apply and what the procedure is. The most common question will be how to extend the stay in the country.

The travelers on holiday and a short visit can easily extend and obtain the visa for one month. This type of permission can be extended very quickly and in hassle-free by contacting the department head office located in Colombo.

India, being a neighboring country and the government of Sri Lanka, has given some kind of concession to its passengers.

There are three procedures in getting the Electronic Authorisation the below mentioned are the steps:

  • Standard processing- the process takes at least 1 business day, and the cost would be incurred will be united stated dollars $40
  • Rush processing: In this process, the time taken to console the applicant will be 4 hours, and the cost will be $70, and additional charges will also be involved.
  • Super Rushing Processing: This method of processing the Electronic Applicants is just finished within just 30 minutes. And the costs will be united states dollars of $ 85.

Important note: Applying for a visa to visit Sri Lanka is very easy. Sri Lanka is very efficient in processing the visa and responding. That is one reason why tourists love coming to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is almost a hassle-free destination for all the tourists in the world.

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