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Sri Lanka, A Land Like No Other

Was Sri Lanka named as one of the best places to travel in 2020 over and over again by famous travel magazines in the world?

Does this mean is the best tourist hotspot in the world?

travel magazines
travel magazines

And there are many more endorsements.

To be honest with you, it’s quite surprising that a single tour destination can be endorsed by so many travel magazines at the same time.  

So, what does Sri Lanka have to become this popular among almost all famous travel websites in the world? Let’s find out…

I went through all these magazines and found out the main reasons why Sri Lanka is so popular and considered one of the best travel destinations in the world. I am going to explain to you one by one.

For those who don’t know, Sri Lanka is an island. If you check you map, you can find it right below india. It is also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean as well by the locals.

It has its perks being an island. Particularly, the beaches in Sri Lanka are the best! Sri Lankan has wide beaches all around the island

Most of the places are breathtaking and picturesque. You can find coconut groves near the beach everywhere. The sea breeze, the warmth of the sun and the sound of the sea kissing the sands refreshes your mind body and your soul.

The most important thing that I should highlight is, even though the beach extends all around the isle, its so different from one area to the other.

There is some difference in the color of the sand, the depth of the sea, corals, fish the vegetation, waves and the environment compared to one another.

East coastis different to the southern coastSouthern coast is nothing like the west coast. You can witness the gentle sunrise over the soothing ocean on the east coast. Similarly, you can experience the vibrance of the rusty sunset in the west. 

Hence, the overall experience is different from one beach to the other. I think that is something all the travelers look for. 

There are some untouched beach areas in Sri Lanka as well such as Tangalle beach. Except in a few areas, almost all the beaches are clean and tourist friendly. There are lots of restaurants and resorts close to the beaches to serve the tourists as well.

All in all, one major reason for Sri Lanka being highly popular is because of the presence of fantastic beaches.

Sri Lanka is a country with more than 2500 year old history. History is written an well preserved in the country. 

It is evident that Sri Lanka had a very rich culture and it was also a very developed nation in the past. According to the history books, the greatness began to perish after the Portugese, Dutch and British subjugated the island.

However, the ruins of the great buildings are still prevalent in the ancient city of Anuradhapura

Not only in Anuradhapura, ruins are there all over the island. Most of them are destroyed due to different reasons.

But, if you visit Anuradhapura, you will get a good idea about the historyartsarchitecturebuddhismirrigation technologyagriculture technology, and many other things that show the greatness of ancient Sri Lankan society.

If you find history interesting, Sri Lanka is surely a must-go place since the historical sites are at its peak of archeological importance.

3. Kandy, the Cultural Capital

Kandy is considered a sacred city in the island. It is because, the sacred temple of the tooth is located in the city.

I told you before that the buddhist philosophy is the base of Sri Lankan culture right?

Hence, the Temple of the Tooth is so sacred because a tooth of the most venerable Lord Buddha is enshrined in there. Locals call this temple “Dalada Maligawa”.

“Maligawa” means the palace. This temple was the palace of the last king in Sri Lanka, Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe. Later the palace was converted to a temple 

last king of sri lanka
last king of sri lanka

The temple of the Tooth also has a museum including lots of archeological artifacts and historical documents. 

Therefore, buddhists all over the world come to visit kandy to pay homage to Lord Buddha at the Temple of the Tooth.

You can even find the agreement signed in 1815 after british subjugated the kandyan kingdom of Sri Lanka. All of them are well preserved in the museum.

In addition to that, the lake located right in the middle of the city brings the city extra scenic beauty. The streets are narrow and the architecture of the buildings are preserved to demonstrate the historic resemblance.

4. Sri Lankan Food

Well, before talking about Sri Lankan food, take a few minutes and watch this video. This is a video from “Master Cheff Australia 2020”

Wow. ❤️

Posted by Sahan Atulugama on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I hope you watched it. That is the food that you will experience in Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka has its own food culture. There is a special place for spices in Sri Lankan food. Partly, it is  because Sri Lankan is home for a lot of spices. 

For instance, true cinnamon is coming to the world only by Sri Lanka. Its endemic to Sri Lanka. Likewise there are other spices such as pepper, cardamom etc…

If you want to learn more about Sri Lankan spices, click this link. There is a separate article about spices in Sri Lanka.

Talking more about Sri Lankan food, the favorite food of all tourists is Kottu Roti. It’s a dish of pieces of roti, chicken curry, egg, vegetables and spices put together and chopped on a hot plate.

I’ll share a video of my favourite youtubers called Dale. He will tell you his experience on Kottu Roti. Don’t just beleive my word. Haha…

Kottu Roti is delicious. You can’t have enough of it. My mouth waters even when I think about it. LOL

There are many other food that is very unique to Sri Lanka but are very delicious. If you visit Sri Lanka, try tasting egg hoppers, string hoppers, chicken curry, rice with dhal, coconut sambol and ambul thiyal. There are many more. 

I’ll just stop talking about Sri Lankan food for now. It is apparently a goldmine for food lovers due to its authenticity and uniqueness. 

5. Ceylon Tea

Ceylon is another name for “Sri Lanka.” I believe, don’t have to tell you much about Ceylon Tea because you all know Ceylon black tea is the finest among all others.  

Ceylon tea is made only in Sri Lanka.

ceylon tea
ceylon tea

The reason behind such popularity is, surprisingly, the weather of Sri Lanka and nutrients rich soil. Nothing else! 

There are acres and acres of tea estates all over the hill country. It’s very picturesque and scenic.

beauty of tea fields in Sri Lanka
beauty of tea fields in Sri Lanka

6. Flora and Fauna

The natural vegetation, natural forests, biodiversity, and animals are reasons why tourists love to be in Sri Lanka so much.

There are around 16 national parks all over the country. Out of all the major national parks are;

  • Yala National Park
  • Wilpaththu National Park
  • Wasgomuwa National Park
  • Maduru Oya National Park
  • Gal Oya National Park
  • Horton Plains National Park
  • Udawalawa National Park
  • Minneriya National Park
national park map sri lanka
national park map sri lanka

I have marked all the most visited national parks by most of the tourists. There are many more smaller parks as well. 

In these places marked above, herds of elephants is a usual sight. If you are lucky enough you will encounter Sri Lankan spot leopard and bear. 

The safari guides advice to come in the early morning for safaris. That is at around 6 am in the morning. As they say, that is the best time to see leopards, bear, and most other rarely seen animals.

Also, i got to tell you, it’s always good to have a Safari guide when you go on Safaris in Sri Lanka. You can learn quite a lot!

There are over 200 endemic plants in Sri Lanka. Most of them are found in these forest areas. Another thing that I should mention is that the climate of different regions. 

The coastal regions are very humid and hot. That is natural since Sri Lanka is a tropical country.

But when you travel about 150 km into the central hills, you will find a very cold climate where the temperature will drop to 5 degrees sometimes in the year.

Climate is different in Knuckles mountains compared to Nuwara eliya. That is a again a few kilometer to the north of Nuwara eliya. 

The point that I’m trying to make is that when you travel a short distance, you will experience a whole new feeling with difference in temperatures, the nature and lifestyle of people. That is something unique to Sri Lanka compared to other countries.

That is why I think tourists love Sri Lanka so much. There is so much to enjoy but all confined to this small island.

7. Sigiriya, the Lion's Rock

Locals call it the 8th wonder. It is because, the scientist still struggle to find the technology that was used to take water up to the top of the rock. 

Oh well, you might not know what I’m talking about. Ill post a picture of the Lion’s Rock below. 

sigiriya lion's rock
sigiriya lion's rock

Sigirya was a fortress of king Kashyapa, who was the ruler of Sri Lankan 1500 years back. There are mainly three things that will blow your mind when you come to this place. 

First thing is the mirror wall. It is a wall build somewhere in the middle of the rock. Ancient scriptures say that the wall was so smooth that you could see yourself reflected by it. 

The king used this wall to write poems on the wall. The marvel of it is, the wall is still very smooth, even after 1500 years. Although most of the the poems were destroyed by people trying to scribble their names on the wall, you can find the old writing here and there. 

Sigiriya frescoes is the second mind blowing discovery you will make. 

King kashyapa had a hobby. It was painting. In his leisure time he used to paint the rock. To smoothen the rock, he put a special plaster on it. It was his canvas. Colors were made using barks and leaves of trees. 

These are some of the paintings of King Kashyapa.

sigiriya frescoes
sigiriya frescoes

Can you see the skills of the king? We are talking about 1500 years ago. Still the plaster and the colors are same as they were those days.

Look at the curves and edges of the painting. Isn’t it marvelous? Do u find similar ones anywhere else?

The third thing I wanted to pointed out was the palace built on the top of the rock.

When you look at sigiriya from a far you might think that the area on top of the rock must be really small. But there is more than 1.5 hectares of land on top of the rock.

King’s palace was located there. 

But the interesting thing is the irrigation plan of the whole premises. There are water fountains working with the pressure of the water flow.

They used granite to create the fountains beneath the rock by drilling precise holes in them. Yes they are still working! Can you believe it?

Most of all, the question that bothers all the scientists is that “How did they manage to take water up to the top of the rock?” It is still a mystery to be solved. Still, you can find small ponds on the top of the rock.

Also, at the entrance you will find a pair huge Lion’s paws.

sigirya entrance
sigirya entrance

Archeologists say that there was a huge Lion’s head above the paws and the stairs are right through the mouth of the lion.

Sigiriya is a world heritage. In all honesty, I think Sigiriya should be named as a wonder of the world. There are so many things that needs to be excavated. So many mysteries to be revealed. 

8. Sinharaja Rainforest

There are over 830 endemic species found in this emerald isle. Out of all, you can find most of them in Sinharaja rain forest. Sinharaja is the last untouched rainforest in Sri Lanka. 

sinharaja rain forest sri lanka
sinharaja rain forest sri lanka

UNESCO named Sinharaja forest as a World Biosphere reserve in 1978. UNESCO named Sinharaja as a world heritage in 1998.

Botanists all over the world consider Sinharaja as one of 7 wonders of nature.

The plants found in Sinharaja has a lot of medicinal value. However, no one is allowed to take anything out of the forest reserve except dead wood and dead leaves. 

In some places, trees have grown over 50m. 

They say that there are 45 reptiles types found in the region and out of that, 21 are endemic to Sinharaja forest. This include two venomous vipers.

Out of 160 bird species, 20 are endemic to Sinharaja. 

When you come to sinharaja forest, wearing LEECH SOCKS is a MUST!!! leeches are extremely common in the forest reserve. 

This is not all. I just mentioned you some major reasons why you should come to visit Sri Lanka. 

Other than these, you have loads of other things to do in Sri Lanka. For instance, 

  • Hiking
  • Surfing
  • Rafting
  • Swimming

and what not? You should have an idea by now what kind of a visit it would be right? I wrote this article to show why all the popular travel magazines name Sri Lanka as one of best places to visit out of all the tourist hotspots in the world.

Thanks for reading. Please comment about the article. Please add your thoughts and let us know what you think!

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